Sun Chaba philosophy


About Sun Chaba

Thai massage is an ancient technique that uses pressure and stretching
techniques to relax the whole body.

The practice of Thai massage is said to be thousands of years old but until today it remains an important part of Thailand’s medical system because of its healing properties both on the physical and emotional level.My goal is to bring this experience to Luxembourg and to offer traditional Thai massage in order to help my customers to lower stress, boost their energy, relieve pains and headaches, improve their sleep and range of motion and overall wellness.

Your wellebing is my goal

Health Benefits

Thai massage has numerous health benefits, both on the physical and emotional level. Click the button below to read about the benefits of Sun Chaba treatments.

Meet Aew

My name is Aew and I am a professional Thai massage therapist and founder of Sun Chaba.
Since I arrived in Luxembourg in 2009 and got Luxembourgish citizenship a few years later, my goal is to bring the authentic
Thai massage experience to my home country of choice. My personal work philosophy after many years
of perfecting the various massage techniques is quality and care for your health and well-being that should help
you regain balance and harmony in your everyday life.

Massage sessions at Sun Chaba studio should offer you an escape from your everyday problems, help you
let go of your stress and tensions and experience a moment of true care and harmony.